Michael Patton is his own best example

See especially “Good question. Let me find out the answer and get back to you.”

Oochy ouchy! I am in physical pain just reading it.



7 thoughts on “Michael Patton is his own best example

  1. Frances – it seems to me you have two solutions: ibuprofen or STOP READING STUFF LIKE THAT!
    I have only read the “Good question…” stupid thing but I have an opinion. The whole ethos is basically that of just another of those Everybody’s-got-it-wrong-except-me publications. I suppose it keeps him off the streets, wasting time doing stuff like feeding the hungry etc. But, speaking as someone who has known the Christian theist experience, what Patton says is coherent. Of course, I’m talking about internal (masturbatory) coherence, where ‘Jesus saves’ is axiomatic. There is a certain logic but first of all you have to accept that the propositions are true.
    (Spoiler alert – they aren’t.)
    No, I felt no physical pain while reading Patton’s piece, just a sort of sensation of heaviness in my eye-lids. I find all that kind of thing perfectly soporific.
    Next time you are tempted to expose yourself to more Christian gobbledigook, go the cinema. I have just seen Michael Caine in “Mr Morgan’s Last Love”. Well worth a watch.

      • Ah, Richard! If only I were even half as interesting as you imagine me to be! No wound. It was just the best example I could think of a compulsion to do something even when it is, at one level, painful. Fans of C.S. Lewis will recognise the simile from “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

      • OK. I get it. I went through a phase which lasted a few weeks where I enjoyed hating and mocking christian apologists. But that’s over now for two reasons:
        I see apologetics in the same light as creationism. Both activities are ultimately christianity’s self-destruct mechanisms. I don’t know if these people have ever actually tried loving their neighbours, caring for the widow and the orphan and feeding the hungry, but maybe that’s a little too Christ-like. Who knows?
        They also seem to have forgotten the only criterion that Christ gave for recognising his followers – “that you love one another.” They can’t seem to get even that right.
        Sorry. I digress. Where were we? Ah, yes – counter-apologetics. But not over the counter apologetics.

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