Atheism or Belief: Which is Evidence Based? ¬†Arif Ahmed and Ayyaz Mahmood Khan

I recently attended this debate which was hosted by The Real Dialogue.
It was interesting to go to a debate where the default belief for non-atheists was Islam rather than Christianity. It just gave a slightly different perspective on the question. 

For anyone who is interested, I am the first female to ask a question from the floor.   I don’t know that I managed to get my point across.   I wasn’t sure if I could ask supplementries, so I just handed the mike back. For a barrister, I can be strangely timid and self-effacing at times.  Anyway, I think others took it up and perhaps made it more successfully, but basically I was trying to say that the prophecies were too vague to be falsifiable so did not amount to much as evidence.