Atheism or Belief: Which is Evidence Based?  Arif Ahmed and Ayyaz Mahmood Khan

I recently attended this debate which was hosted by The Real Dialogue.
It was interesting to go to a debate where the default belief for non-atheists was Islam rather than Christianity. It just gave a slightly different perspective on the question. 

For anyone who is interested, I am the first female to ask a question from the floor.   I don’t know that I managed to get my point across.   I wasn’t sure if I could ask supplementries, so I just handed the mike back. For a barrister, I can be strangely timid and self-effacing at times.  Anyway, I think others took it up and perhaps made it more successfully, but basically I was trying to say that the prophecies were too vague to be falsifiable so did not amount to much as evidence. 


2 thoughts on “Atheism or Belief: Which is Evidence Based?  Arif Ahmed and Ayyaz Mahmood Khan

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I loved the way that Ayyaz Mahmood Khan unashamedly used the debate as a platform for evangelizing, and the way he smilingly pretended to be interested in what atheist Arif Ahmed had to say.
    That said, I found the motion a bit silly. Atheism is a world-view uniquely based on evidence, or the absence thereof, and belief implies that there isn’t enough evidence to be able to say “I know.”
    Frankly the only prophecies which could get my attention are those that predict an event and give the date. At the beginning of the 20th century, a whole pile of people ” prophesied” the advent of the first World War – without giving dates. The most memorable example was Jung, who suffered a major breakdown, and was haunted by nightmares of an imminent world cataclysm. I think he started feeling better when it actually happened.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I found both speakers very likeable, but for a lot of the time it was like they weren’t even at the same meeting!

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